HOW POSSIBLE!! This Nigeria Governor Says He Has Not Received Any Salary Since In Office


Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola says he has not received a salary since he assumed office.

He said he does not deserve to earn a salary given that he enjoys free accommodation, free transportation and free health care while the senior civil servants in the state have not been paid full salaries since 2016.

Aregbesola disclosed this on Twitter in response to a tweet by a user S. O. AbdulRahman, who expressed disbelief over the governor’s statement on a live Television show.

“…However @raufaregbesola says he’s not received salary as a State Governor since inception.

I want to believe I didn’t hear well.

I need some assistance here

What? I’m at loss!”, the AbdulRahman said.

In his response, Aregbesola confirmed that he made the statement and that it is the truth.

The Governor said, “Dear AbdulRahman, 

You heard me correctly. I have not earned a dime in salary as Governor of Osun. I enjoy free accommodation, free transportation and free health care. What is the justification for earning a salary still?”.


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